Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Christmas!

(so sad: our dogs didn't make the card this year...sorry puppies! we still love you!)

What a year it was for us! We welcomed our baby girl, Audrey Leigh, into the world on July 27, 2012!! She is a joy and a perfect gift from God! He has overwhelmed us with His grace and goodness. I also started a new career venture as a stay at home mom. :) I couldn't bear to return to work and leave Audrey all day, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to stay home. It is truly a gift. We spend our days smiling, giggling, playing, and learning! What fun it is to explore the world through the eyes of a child. :) Michael is such a proud daddy and baby girl of course has him wrapped around her little finger.... Not surprising at all!

We pray that you will experience Christ's love in a profound way this season and throughout the new year.

I realize the frequency of my blog posting is atrocious but all I can promise at this point is to try to remember to post a Christmas picture next year.

So until next year..... ;)

Love to you all,